Vmall Retailer Registration Process

To register as a new retailer, log in to http://b.vmall.my

Click on Login

Click on Register Now

Registration Using Email ID

  • Fill in Email address, Password, Confirm password and Verification code. Then click on Register
  • Account Activation Email will be sent to registered email address. Then click on the Activation Link received to verify and activate the account
Registration Using Mobile Phone Number

  • Key in Mobile Phone Number and Click on Obtain
  • A 4 digit Verification Code will be sent to your phone number
  • Enter the 4 digit Verification code received, enter Password, Confirm password and Click on Register
Retailer Details Registration Page

Fill in the First name and Last name of Retailer

Business Registration Information
  • Fill in the Company Name ,Company Owners name
  • Select the Type of Business Ownership i.e. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Co or others
  • Fill in Company Owner IC (Identity Card) or Passport Number
  • Fill in Business Registration Number
  • Fill in Company’s Contact Details (Address, Telephone Number, Postal Code)
  • Fill in Number of Outlets in Malaysia (Optional)
  • Fill in Number of Staff (Optional)

Retailer Contact Information
  • Fill in Company Contact Person Name, Email ID and Mobile Number
  • Fill in We Chat ID, Address (Optional)

Retailer Financial Information
  • Fill in Bank Name, Branch, Bank Account Number, Bank Account Name and Tax Reference Number

Upload License Documents

Following documents needs to be attached:

  • SSM form 9 (or 13) or Business Registration
  • Business Registration Form (24 and 49) and M&A or Business Information and Ownership Form
  • Business owner’s Identity Card (IC) copy or Passport copy

Attach above listed files. Click on Upload files and click on Login to complete the registration process.