Here are some frequently asked question by the Customers which can help you in understanding Vmall better and it will help you in improving your experience

My Account

How to register with Vmall?

Go to the main page and click on register, enter all the details, and click on register

Do I need to use email address to register Vmall account?

Yes, you are advised to use a valid email id during registration.

Can I log in via Facebook account?

Yes, you may log in via facebook account.

Can I use mobile phone number to register and login?

No, Please register and login via email.

Do I need to login my account to purchase?

Yes, you need to login to your account.

How to recover my password?

In case of forgetting your password, please click on "Forget password" button in order to retrieve or reset your password. You will then receive an email or text message for verification.

Ordering on Vmall

What is Huawei Vmall?

Vmall portal is an exclusive brand store that operated under Huawei. It is an e-commerce platform which allows Customers to purchase Huawei's products nationwide. Huawei's mobile phones, wireless Internet access devices, tablets and accessories are currently available on the rack of Vmall.

How can I check on the stocks availability?

Whenever stocks are available, "Shop Now" or "Add to Cart" will be showing on the page. If it shows "Out of stock", you may need to come back next time to place your order.

If I failed to purchase...

Failure in submitting an order may be caused by the following reasons:
-Incomplete order information
-Network issues

Can I make my purchase through phone call?

Vmall is an e-commerce platform; we do not support mobile purchase service.

Can I pay upon goods arrival?

All merchandizes shall be paid fully once you confirm your purchase online.

Does Huawei provide international delivery service?

All Vmall purchases must be delivered within Malaysia only.

Can I change my email or contact number after registration?

You are not allowed to change your details after registration. Kindly contact our Customer Service if you need any further assistance.

Can I combine my multiple purchases?

Our system does not support the function at this moment, however we suggest you to cancel and re-submit the order if the payment hasn't been made.

Can I unregister my account by using email?

For the moment, Customers are not allowed to unregister through emails.

Can I request for a price reduction?

All Vmall's products are sold as their prices shown on the website. Customer is king and king never bargains.

How can I review/ obtain my order number?

Log in to your Vmall account and click on "My Orders", the order number will be displayed on the page.

How can I check my order status?

Log in to your Vmall account and click "My Orders", select the order you wish to view and by clicking the "Order Details" you can see your order status displayed clearly.

Can I modify the delivery address after payment?

Currently we do not allow any amendment after purchase .Kindly contact our Customer Service for further assistance.


How can I make payment?

Currently payment can be made via:
-FPX, Financial Process Exchange (Bank Islam, CIMB Clicks, Hong Leong Connect, Maybank2u.com, PEeBank & RHB Now)
-PayPal (online payments using your credit card)

How to complete a FPX transaction?

With a valid Internet Banking (E-Banking) account, FPX transaction can be completed. For specific procedures, please kindly contact your corresponding bank for further information.

What is the purchase limit of Vmall?

We have no such limitation. You are advised to consult your respective bank for the above matter.

Can I do multiple payments on my purchase?

Payment for each order can only made once. You are advised to contact your corresponding bank to extend your transaction limit.

Can I get refund upon cancellation?

We do not support Refund policy at the moment.

Does shipping fee being included in the invoice?

No. Shipping fee will not be included in the invoice.

Can I request detail changes on invoice for office or other purposes?

For your information, the invoice will only includes model code, quantity and amount of that particular purchase and should not be changed.

Do I entitle to the warranty service if I lost my invoice?

Kindly provide our after-sales service representative your merchandise's serial number; they will be glad to assist you on the relevant issue.

Can I request for separate invoices on multiple phones purchase?

We will not generate separate invoices for each models of mobile phone; only one invoice will be issued.

If I didn't receive any confirmation letter after purchase made?

You should receive the confirmation email within the same day after your order is made. In case you don't get any email, please contact our customer service at 1800-223366 from 10am to 7pm daily.

If I'm facing a problem with my PayPal account...

Please kindly contact your PayPal customer services personnel for further assistance.

PayPal - If it fails to get through......

PayPal is using complex statistical models to identify unusual or problematic transaction patterns. You may need to contact the relevance to sort out the reason.

PayPal - May I know the reason occurred on particular error?

For security concern, we are not allowed to reveal any information on the transaction error occurred. You may contact the PayPal customer service center at +60-377237155 for further assistance.


Our appointed delivery partner?

City-Link is our appointed delivery partner and it covers entire Peninsular Malaysia and certain locations in East Malaysia only.

How can I track my order?

Kindly contact our Customer Service to obtain your delivery number. By using the delivery number, you may track your order on City-Link website, http://www.citylinkexpress.com/main.php

How long does the delivery take?

You will be able to receive your purchase within 3 working days for Peninsular Malaysia, and within 5 working days for East Malaysia. (Working days is according to Kuala Lumpur calendar and exclude local public holiday).

Is there any delivery charges incurred?

For purchase more than RM100, delivery charges will be waived (Free-of-Charge, FOC). For those less than RM100, delivery charges will be displayed underneath the "Shipping Method" when you perform check out on our website.

Where are the goods being shipped out?

Vmall goods are being shipped from our warehouse in Malaysia.

Can I customize my delivery hour?

We do not allow customization on delivery time currently. However, you may communicate with our shipping partner for your ideal delivery time. They shall try their best to assist you.

Can my order be delivered to an office address?

Yes it is possible. Please enter your office address in "Shipping Information".

What shall I do when the item delayed?

Kindly contact our Customer Service at 1800-223366 from 9am to 8pm daily.


Where can I get the locations of Huawei Authorized service centers?

You may visit http://www.Vmall.my/index.php/authorized-service-center. You are advice to call our after-sales service center before visiting.

How should I define the warranty period?

The warranty period starts from the date when you acknowledge receipt of the product.

Will there be any cost incurred on the after-sales maintenance if the product purchased is still under 1 year warranties?

The warranty period is 1 year (from the receipt date). You are entitled to complimentary maintenance services by Huawei's ASC provided the device is not being misused or abused.

How long is the warranty period for batteries?

Warranty period for original batteries will be up to 6 months.

How long is the warranty period for headsets?

Warranty period of original headsets will be up to 3 months.

How long is the warranty period for chargers (including car chargers, battery charging stands, and portable chargers)?

Warranty period of original chargers will be up to 6 months.

How long is the warranty period for memory cards?

Warranty period of original memory cards will be up to 3 months.

How long is the warranty period for Bluetooth speakers?

Warranty period of original Bluetooth speakers will be up to 3 months.


How should I define Exchange validity policy for the Honor series?

You can request for Exchange within 180 days from the date of receipt.

How should I define Exchange validity policy for non-Honor series?

You can request for Exchange within 15 days from the date of receipt.

Will there be any freight fee incurred for Exchange?

Freight fee shall be borne by Huawei Vmall provided that the product meets our Exchange policy. Huawei reserve the right to charge customer on freight fee for unreasonable Return & Exchange.

How long does it take for the product replacement?

You will receive the replacement product within 7 working days once the Return product reaches our warehouse (depending on stock availability).

Shall I send back the full package (includes invoice and giveaways) for exchange?

You need to return the defect product with its included accessories (original package). Invoice and giveaways are not required.

Can I ask for a product change of different model or color?

Vmall will only allow on the same model, specification, and color exchange.

Does giveaway entitled to Exchange policy?

You can request for Exchange within 15 days from the date of receipt.